For Kids


Yapan Çocuk offers workshops for 7-9, 10-12, 13-15 aged children.  Please click the button above for registration. 

Mars Package English

1 Workshop
350 TL

Saturn Package English

3 Workshops in English
900 TL

Jupiter Package English

5 Workshops
1250 TL

Da Vinci Workshop

3D Printer and 3D Design

In this workshop, the participants will enter the exciting world of 3D printing. Getting inspiration from the live of Leonardo Da Vinci, they will observe objects around them from the perspective of a designer. They will get introduced to 3D printers and understand their potential while printing  everyday life objects. They will also develop their capabilities to think in 3D as they model the objects on the computer. They will start their designs using simple sketches, do a team brainstorming, and use design thinking techniques to work just like industrial designers.

Elon Musk Workshop

Programming with Arduino

In this workshop, the participants will start programming with Arduino electronic boards. They will understand the logic behind programming and the sensor technology which are used in machines around us. They will first play games where they will write algorithms and then write codes in different languages just as a software programmer would. Using Arduinos, they will see how they can add behaviors and movement to different objects using commands.

Sherlock Holmes Workshop

Problem Solving

In this workshop, the participants will build their own camera microscopes and enter the world of forensics. They will develop their skills to look for logical explanations to events which occur around us every day. Within a made-up scenario, they will collect samples from a crime scene, use problem solving skills and different technologies to understand how an incident happened. At the end of this workshop, they will feel just like professional detectives having solved the mysterious incident.

Turing Workshop


In this workshop, the participants will enter the world of coding with Scratch. They will discover how the algorithm logic which forms the foundation of coding can be used to explain how everything around us works. They will understand the importance of doing algorithm sequencing In even the simplest tasks which they carry out in their lives. Finally, they will create animations using online coding platforms and feel just like computer programmers.


Robotics Workshop

Lego Mindstorms and Mbot

In this workshop, the participants will start discovering the interactive world of robotics using the algorithms and electronics knowledge they acquire from our entry level workshops. They will understand the working principles of sensors and start coding to make these sensors communicate with each other. According to their age groups, they will use Mbot and Lego Mindstorm robotic kits to design their robots just like the engineers of the future would.

Hezarfen Çelebi Workshop


In this workshop, the participants will enter the world of aeronautics and find out what it takes to defy gravity. They will observe the invisible power of air and use it to find ways to make things take flight. They will build model airplanes, design and launch rockets, find out about how parachutes help to land safely, and get introduced to the world of drones. They will work with the disciple of aeronautics engineers and understand how much difference a few millimeters make in aviation calculations.

Circular Design Workshop


This workshop is designed specifically to raise environmental awareness in kids. In this workshop, the participants will find out what they can make out of plastic packaging and other recyclable materials we use in our everyday lives. They will work just like a material scientist as they start with recycling basic household waste. They will also find out how recycled plastic filaments can be used with 3D printers.  

Wearable Technologies Workshop

Arduino Lilypad

In this workshop, the participants will see how technology and fashion can complement each other. They will transform normal clothes and accessories using Arduino Lilypad kits. While they work just like tailor-engineers, they will realize how interactive clothes can become when wearable technologies are used.

Biomimicry Design Workshop

In this workshop, the participants will discover the world of objects and tools designed with inspiration taken from nature. They will be impressed with how certain plants and animals have adapted to survive and design their own tools with inspiration from nature. They will work just like a biomimicry specialist as they use the data they gather from the microscope and camera.