We were inspired by a custom we have in Turkey which is an anonymous act of charity where people buy and leave bread, clothes or simit for someone else. This is typically called ‘askıda ekmek, kıyafet or simit’. The tradition dates back to earlier times in Italy where people would do the same for coffee and this tradition was called ‘caffè sospeso’ or ‘suspended coffee’. The translation in Turkish ‘askıda’ literally means suspended. 

At Yapan Çocuk, we decided to do the same to bring technology and 21st century trainings to children who cannot afford them and named our social responsibility program ‘Askıda Eğitim’ or Sponsor a Child in English. We either invite individual children to our workshops or go to schools in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

For every child you sponsor for a training, Yapan Çocuk sponsors another child. Therefore, with your contribution, you support at least 2 children.

Would you like to contribute to by sponsoring a child?

If you would like to sponsor a child

If you know a child who can benefit from Sponsor a Child

Corporate Social Responsibility

We also work with companies who would like to support the education of children in need through a corporate social responsibility program. When you collaborate with us, we commit to doubling your impact by inviting twice the number of children you sponsor to our workshops. If you would like to know more, please contact us for more information.